Consolidating youth for prosperous development
Health and HIV/AIDS
Capacity building and Sensitizing of Community Health Workers:
There have   not   been     any    specific clinics in selected areas for   the   young    peoples’ health    needs and capacity building of community health volunteers, youth clubs and women groups and networks on right to health and free basic reproductive and sexual health services.

Accordingly, we help in providing training and different relevant information about the relevant reproductive and sexual health services in the different rural areas of Nepal. We have conducted about 80 different relevant campaigns.

Establishment of Information Centers about the sexual and reproductive health:
Most of the youth are not aware about the issues of sexual and reproductive health. They have been in the stigma of different sexual and reproductive diseases and are psychologically and socially frustrated. So to reduce the information gap and help the youth acquire relevant and updated information about the concerned issues we have helped in making three information centers in  different VDCs.We did this with the coordination of District Health Office.

Linking PLHA and recovering drug users to group business set up after rehabilitation:
Most of the PLHA and recovering drug users are in dilemma after the counseling and rehabilitation programs. They are given different orientations and life skills but they are not given any engagement programs so that they can set up a new dignified profession and life. As they are not able to have the basis they are frustrated and the recovering drug users are prone to getting in to drugs again. So, to bring them in the process of new life and set up their enterprise for a motivated life, we coordinate them for different entrepreneurial orientations and group skill trainings. We also give the best idea some initiative funds to start the venture in group or mange the fund.

Motivational and Counseling Orientation for PLWHA and Recovering Drug Users:
It is an orientation project for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and recovering Drug Users. This project is focused on HIV/AIDS control and care of people living with HIV/AIDS in the region. Apart from this, it will integrate the group most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection- young people and provide awareness and education regarding the HIV/AIDS and its prevention measures. More precisely, the project will focus towards empowering the PLWHA and Drug Users through providing knowledge, skills development training.

Media Campaign for HIV/AIDS Prevention:
Alternatives has launched different awareness activities through the local F.M./Radio. This project especially focuses towards the mass public awareness and eliminating the misconception and withholding taboos regarding the HIV/AIDS and contraceptive measures. Likewise, under the project we have conducted the phone-in programs through radio/F.M with expertise to address the queries of the individuals. In addition to it the program is more interesting through inviting the recovered drug users to share their experiences.

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